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Child 'slavery' now being imported to U.S.

One child's story speaks for the thousands locked in silent servitude 12/29/2008

Fighting Human Trafficking


Hands On Ministry


Awareness Raising

    We are fighting Human Trafficking starting in Western Europe. Going directly into the red light districts in cities in Belgium, talking with the girls and offering them hope for their future.

    Girls are trained in income earning skills including, jewelry making, card making, and sewing, as well as, English language classes. We are planning on expanding into computer skills, candle making, cake decorating, and pastry baking.

    We will come to, speak to, teach, and train using presentations appropriate for any age and setting, anyone who is interested in learning more about human trafficking. Helping them to make an impact in the area they live in, and around the world.

Our Mission

   Fighting Human Trafficking!

- The Foster Family

Contact Information
Account Number # 293366


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