Thursday,September 05,2013
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We are Bob and Jackie Braswell, missionaries with Assemblies of God World Missions (USA) assigned to South Africa.

We have been married since 1977. We have three grown children, all married and living in southern Missouri and raising children of their own. We have six grandchildren and, as of this writing, a seventh on the way. We are very blessed as a family. All our immediate family are serving God and we are very proud of them.

Both of us were raised in Christian homes and have been in the Assemblies of God basically since birth. Bob was raised on a dairy farm in Oklahoma and later moved to Missouri with his family. Jackie was raised in a pastor's home while her dad served churches in Ohio and New York. We found each other at an Assemblies of God School, Evangel University.

Before we were married, each of us felt a call to missions. This was a bit confusing to us because we did not feel called to pastoral ministry, and at the time that was the only pathway available. We made application for other kinds of missions ministry, but initially we were not accepted, so we kept working and studying. Bob eventually finished his Ph.D. and was hired to work at Assemblies of God headquarters in the World Missions department, where he spent 13 years enjoying the opportunity to contribute in various roles including Special Assistant to the Executive Director, Director of Research and Special Projects, Director of AGWM Technical Services, and recording secretary of the Executive Committee. At the end of that time, in 2003, all our kids had gone off to college and Jackie had finished her Masters in Theological Studies at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. That's when the door suddenly opened for us to go to Africa.

How We Serve

Except for time spent raising funds in the USA and a year of language study during our first term, we have been involved in Bible School ministry in Africa since 2004. We initially spent three and a half years in Tanzania, then we were asked to transfer to South Africa, where we spent the last four years. Both of us work full time in Bible School ministry, currently in our Assemblies of God Bible School in South Africa. This school, Global School of Theology Western Cape, is accredited in South Africa to offer a Diploma (Ministry major), a Bachelor of Arts degree (Bible and Theology major), and a Master of Arts degree (with majors in Ministerial Leadership, Christian Education, and Bible). Jackie teaches full time in the BA program, teaching mostly Bible courses and New Testament Greek. She also helps out in teaching Greek at the MA level. Bob helps out at the BA level by teaching part time and by serving on the Board of Administration, but his primary responsibility is serving as Director of the Master of Arts program. Bob is responsible for much of the preparation for re-accreditation for all the accredited programs of the school, which keeps us legal in South Africa. Re-accreditation happens every five years and is due again in 2014.

There are many more details about our daily lives and activities during different times of the academic year in our newsletters, which contain a lot of detail that we donít have room to repeat here. The last several newsletters are available for download (in PDF format) from the menu at the left.

logoBible schools that educate and prepare mature leaders have the potential to change the future of the church in Africa. Bob and Jackie Braswell have been investing their lives in this process since 2004.

How You Can Help

We need prayer partners. We can only accomplish small, temporary things in our own strength, but we have invested our lives because we want to see big, eternal results. Pray for us as people who need divine help, and pray with us for our students and the many lives they touch.

Please send us an email at bb/at/ (replace "/at/" with "@") giving us permission to add you to our newsletter-by-email list. This will give us a chance to periodically let you know how we are doing and what our prayer needs are.